Monday, 10 June 2013

YouTube Channel Comments

Hi guys n gals! We've just been going through some of the lovely comments that we've received for our videos over the last 22 months that our nursery rhymes channel has been live. Here are some of the quotes:

My little boy loves these video. Great quality :D
Thank you very much for the videos, our 2 year old watches them most of the day, without them I think we'd never get any housework done lol I chose your videos over other's because of the quality there's so much rubbish on YouTube these days. Thank you again!
My children love all of your videos! truly the best on youtube, keep them coming plz!
Wow! I just loved this video, it was beautifully animated. And the singing was really cute too.
The animation is superb
This is by far the best Incy Wincy rhyme presentation. Love the idea of reading the book to get to the top :-)
Please keep making brilliant videos like this for other Nursery Rhymes.....
lovely vid. i love it when incy says, "not this time" and my baby finds incy reading a book hilarious. :)
Adorable, very well done, love all your vids!
i like--i like---i like and my daughter likes this too, she watches everyday...movies like HD, so good quality either animation and sounds
I Love LittleBabyBum very much....
You guyz are awesome.... keep up the good work :-)
This is absolutely my baby's fav. He will cry if I change to another song. He will smile and laugh when the spider says, "Not this time!". :)
My kids love lbb...
Oh no another one to drive me crazy, "More mommy I want more" ha-ha! Thank you my toddler loves your animations.
not only my 9 month kid love this, but me.... the father love it more than all kids!
Love them, thy r too cute. I play them for my baby. She's still in my tummy. And when I play them she kicks up a storm to her fav ones :)
Excellent brother is a big fan of incy wincy spider.....
Awesome this product you have is such a great way to teach
one of the best video yet for my kids..
we love watching your videos... they are excellent! you guys are awesome! keep up and do more vids! thanks!
My 17 month old loves it. He even forgets crying...... Thank you...(:
my 9mth old son love it!! So many colours. Thanks!!!! (:
My baby loves this video.
Hi - my daughter has been watching this video for months and still doesnt get bored! In fact even i love to watch it as it is so colourful and cheerful.
love ur videos n so does my 8 month old
really amazing...all the littlebabybum videos really gets kids interested in dancing and singing....keep them coming...we'll keep on learning everyday***
My kid eats these videos up. Thank you!!
My son adores this video! Thank you!
awesome. my 1 yr old baby love this!
Cute video... love the audio too
love it..keep them coming as i love your channel!
I put this one for my baby boy who is almost five months and live it. He was laughing during the whole video.

We love this version of "Five Little Monkeys", great job!!!
So cute n nice add more video
Ur channel rocks
i love this so much...................
I love this song.
Nice Video, my baby sister is a fan of this rhyme after hearing your song! Keep up the great work:-)
Wow! very beautiful video, the colors are just amazing :)
My baby girl loves all your videos. It really helped us make her entertained. Thank you for your videos :)
wow beautiful
It's so wonderful ! Love it so much. And thank you for uploading it. :D
such a cute version of this song! I love the voice singing
very cute version, my girl loves it very much.
-so cute ^.^,the kiddos love it 3
my son and daughter loves this
A very beautiful little star,
it's so lovely and cute family and the girl sings beautiful
My son has to see this everyday.
My family loves this!
so....... cute!!!
my baby boy love it thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
I watch this video with my baby brother. he is ten and a half months old, and he loves all your videos! he sings and dances to them all, this is fabulous that you make these yourself! :)
My brother pushed this and gave me the phone. So here I am commenting of how well this song works on crying babies. Thanks for the help. Liked.
Please make more videos. We've been waiting for your excellent work.
very very great video !
Very cute .my baby love this video so much
my baby loves all you songs thanks
you are the only who have the song in the right way !! THANKS you save my life my 2yr girl was crying because the others videos don't even say the right words , but you video finally was the right way
Excellent animations with beautiful kid loves these a lot .Thanks for ur efforts
i loveeeeee your videos..
Please make more videos. We've been waiting for your excellent work.
Great graphics, nice song.
i think ur AMAZING
love it..♥♥♥
Thanks my kids love this! :-)


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